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Special Fittings at Premier Hyraulics

Premier Hydraulics designs and manufactures special fittings to order, to meet the unique requirements of our customers.  Special fittings include standard fittings with a non-standard feature, such as flow restrictors, filters or screens, sensor ports, check valves or other special features.  

Transition or adapter fittings allow the connection of different thread sizes, such as English-to-Metric adapters.  

Special fittings can also be used to consolidate a group of fittings into a single component, thus reducing leak points, saving money and saving assembly time. 

Other special fittings include fittings for special applications, such as brake line fittings, banjo bolts and bleeder bolts.

For assistance with your custom product needs, please contact us at 1.888.447.4581 or by E-mail.
collection of special elbows
brake fitting with speckled finish
banjo fitting
port elbow
special elbow
special elbow
special elbow